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Managing Director – Muhammad Mohsin

“Complete knowledge of local procedures for paying government fees at numerous stages of a company’s operations and setups is priceless. UAE is known for having a structured document flow; hence, it is vital to know which and when to pay the government fees to avoid any penalties in the future.

Our clients at Expert Surge enjoy the facilities of the customized software that stores all the company’s documents’ expiration dates. This software sends an automatic notification even before the document renewal is needed. We at Expert Surge can look after all your paperwork on your behalf and protect you from penalties to help you focus on growing your business. “Lack of experience or knowledge about UAE laws may lead to severe penalties. It may even ban you from doing business in the UAE and may expel the owner completely from the UAE.

We have established connections with UAE banks and authorities, as a result of years of dedicated cooperation, and we wish to share this with you.”

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